Monday, January 31, 2011

The Long Awaited return of the heavyweight champ and original....

Belgian Beer Happy Hour

the Tap & Parlour @ Bohemian Caverns brings back the Belgian Beer Happy Hour.

Way back when only light american brews were available in cans all over DC, we pioneered the early beer connoisseurs mecca. Tuesday Night Belgian Beer Happy Hour. It was well loved and well attended. That day meet it's heaviest blow when we lost the wide selection enabled by a dearly missed distributor. When they closed their doors, many of the labels we were able to offer in bottles and on tap went away forever. Over time things slowed surely and eventually that night ended.

We have embarked on a Beer Quest (was this an early VGA PC game?). We have searched high and low for a nice selection of Belgians and other worthy beer selections to put together a lineup that will be worthy of your Tuesday attendance.

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